• Structural engineering design, specification and documentation for small to medium sized residential,
    commercial and industrial projects.
  • Reinforced concrete, structural steel, precast concrete, masonry and timber.
  • Site inspection and certification


Civil Engineering

  • Storm water drainage and on-site detention system designed to meet council requirements
  • Hydrology – flood study and report preparation to determine flow rates, flow depths  and potential impact of a particular flood on a site
  • Compliance certificates
  • Rain water storage solutions
  • Shoring wall underpinning design such as contiguous piling, soldier piles, walers and ground anchors
  • Retaining walls – reinforced concrete, block work, brickwork and timber
  • Site inspection and certification


Building Reports & Inspections

  • Structural damage assessment – Investigation and reporting on the causes of structural and foundation failures
  • Remedial work – design, planning and supervision
  • Underpinning design
  • Investigate structural and building defects such as concrete cancer, spalling, rising damp and water leaks
  • Insurance investigations of building damage



  • Site Management Plans
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Sediment and erosion control details
  • Construction cost and time estimation
  • Project management
  • Building reports
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Insurance reports